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My heart wants to sing every song it hears...

[Formerly] I don't wanna show off no more!

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Hi, I'm Kelly and welcome to my LiveJournal. I just graduated from college with a degree in Theatre. I want to be a Broadway actress/singer (actually, I'd settle for community theatre...) and a novelist. I'm obsessed with Broadway, Sutton Foster, Laura Michelle Kelly, Mary Poppins (the musical), The Sound of Music, Julie Andrews, Harry Potter, and fantasy stuff. For basically everything else I like, refer to my interests list. I think that about covers it.

I'm basically using this LJ to rant about my strange life and my obsessions. If you don't like many of the things on my interests list or if you don't know me personally, chances are you won't find my journal very interesting.
1920s, a chorus line, a walk to remember, acting, aida, aladdin, amy brown, anastasia, angela lansbury, anne hathaway, anne of green gables, anything goes, art, ashley brown, beauty and the beast, belle, bernadette peters, beth leavel, broadway, caroline sheen, chasing liberty, chicago, classic nicktoons, cold mountain, dancing, daniel radcliffe, danny burstein, darling lili, disney, dogs, down with love, dragons, drawing, emma watson, emmy rossum, eponine/marius, evanescence, ewan mcgregor, faeries, fanfiction, fantasy art, finding neverland, frogs, gavin creel, gypsy, hairspray, han/leia, harry potter, hercules, hermione granger, history, hunter foster, idina menzel, into the woods, j.k. rowling, jo march, josephine wall, julie andrews, kate winslet, kelli o'hara, kelly clarkson, kristin chenoweth, laura michelle kelly, lea salonga, little women, lord of the rings, luke skywalker, mandy moore, mara davi, mary poppins, memoirs of a geisha, michelle branch, moulin rouge, movies, mulan, music, musical theatre, nicole kidman, nyc, once on this island, patti lupone, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, pocahontas, princess and the frog, princess leia, renee zellweger, rent, ron weasley, rupert grint, seals, severus snape, shakira, showtunes, shrek the musical, singing, south pacific, star wars, stardust, susan egan, sutton foster, sweeney todd, sweet charity, the chronicles of narnia, the da vinci code, the drowsy chaperone, the little mermaid, the mummy, the princess diaries, the sims, the sound of music, theatre, thoroughly modern millie, titanic, unicorns, wicked, writing, young frankenstein